Launch OpenFPGA Shell

OpenFPGA employs a shell-like user interface, in order to integrate all the tools in a well-modularized way. Currently, OpenFPGA shell is an unified platform to call vpr, FPGA-Verilog, FPGA-Bitstream, FPGA-SDC and FPGA-SPICE. To launch OpenFPGA shell, users can choose two modes.

--interactive or -i

Launch OpenFPGA in interactive mode where users type-in command by command and get runtime results

--file or -f

Launch OpenFPGA in script mode where users write commands in scripts and FPGA will execute them

--batch_execution or -batch

Execute OpenFPGA script in batch mode. This option is only valid for script mode.

  • If in batch mode, OpenFPGA will abort immediately when fatal errors occurred.

  • If not in batch mode, OpenFPGA will enter interactive mode when fatal errors occurred.

--version or -v

Print version information of OpenFPGA

--help or -h

Show the help desk