Generic Bitstream


Generic bitstream is a fabric-independent bitstream where configuration bits are organized out-of-order in a database. This can be regarded as a raw bitstream used for

  • debugging: Hardware engineers can validate if their configuration memories across the FPGA fabric are assigned to expected values

  • an exchangeable file format for bitstream assembler: Software engineers can use the raw bitstream to build a bitstream assembler which organize the bitstream in the loadable formate to FPGA chips.

  • creation of artificial bitstream: Test engineers can craft artificial bitstreams to test each element of the FPGA fabric, which is typically not synthesizable by VPR. Use the --read_file option to load the artifical bitsteam to OpenFPGA (see details in FPGA-Bitstream).


The fabric-independent bitstream cannot be directly loaded to FPGA fabrics

File Format

See details in Architecture Bitstream (.xml)