Fabric Key

Fabric key is a secure key for users to generate bitstream for a specific FPGA fabric. With this key, OpenFPGA can generate correct bitstreams for the FPGA. Using a wrong key, OpenFPGA may error out or generate wrong bitstreams. The fabric key support allows users to build secured/classified FPGA chips even with an open-source tool.

map to buried treasure

Fig. 71 The use of fabric key to secure the FPGA chip design


Users are the only owner of the key. OpenFPGA will not store or replicate the key.

Key Generation

A fabric key can be achieved in the following ways:

  • OpenFPGA can auto-generate a fabric key using random algorithms (see detail in build_fabric)

  • Users can craft a fabric key based on auto-generated file by following the file format description.

File Format

See details in Fabric Key (.xml)