Bitstream Setting (.xml)

An example of bitstream settings is shown as follows. This can define a hard-coded bitstream for a reconfigurable resource in FPGA fabrics.


Bitstream setting is a feature for power-users. It may cause wrong bitstream to be generated. For example, the hard-coded bitstream is not compatible with LUTs whose nets may be swapped during routing stage (cause a change on the truth table as well as bitstream). It is users’s responsibility to ensure correct bitstream.

  <pb_type name="<string>" source="eblif" content=".param LUT" is_mode_select_bistream="true" bitstream_offset="1"/>
  <interconnect name="<string>" default_path="<string>"/>
  <non_fabric name="<string>" file="<string>">
    <pb name="<string>" type="<string>" content="<string>"/>